Keepin’ the Faith.

I stressed over writing this article for a few days. I’m an “Idea Person,” meaning I have lots of notions but lack the wherewithal to carry them out. I came up with a lot of concepts, but nothing I could develop enough to execute. I stumbled through the blog, looking for ideas and came across a thought I knew I had to expand on.

It seems a silly question to discuss on a blog dedicated to fashion and style, but I think a question of rationale is always relevant: Why do I get dressed in the morning? What is the purpose of “dressing up” in the manner that I do, wearing skirts, dresses, and fabulous shoes, at all times? What is the function/intention/goal of such a time-consuming task?

Primarily, we all get dressed because nudity is not an option. Clothes cover our bodies. They keep our private things private and make it legal for us to bring our bodies into public places, but as all fashionistas know, dressing is a whole different game when you take it to the next level, that is, the necessity of covering with the added bonus of self-indulgent gratification. The fashionista dresses not only because he/she must, but because he/she wants to appear a certain way to others.

Some might disagree with me. “No way,” you say. “I dress for myself.” Stop right there, though, because I’m calling bullshit. To an extent, we dress for ourselves, but the age-old desire to be accepted rears its ugly head. Ever notice how fashionable people hang out with other fashionable people, how friends dress very much alike? Clothing plays a big part in how we relate to and accept one another, so it only makes sense that we dress similar to the people we want to be with. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a victim. I’ve never worn sweats when seeing my friends, because I don’t want to appear lazy or like I don’t care. Because I do care. And they care. My friends are all immaculately dressed all the time, because we care enough to try to impress one another.

So what am I saying? Do we only get dressed to make an impression on our friends? Well, no. That’s part of it, but that’s not all of it. There’s another part, the idea that initially sparked me to write this, and that is challenge.

Challenge is defined as an invitation to conquer. It sounds a bit extreme to describe the process of getting dressed each day, but somehow, I don’t think it is. The challenge to impress our friends is one thing, but the challenge to impress ourselves is something entirely different. True innovation in clothing is few and far between, so creating something modern is a notable task. Undertaking it shows a significant level of dedication and is the sign of a true fashion aficionado.

The test to take an old piece and make it new, to take a conservative piece and make it edgy, to take that thing all of your friends are wearing and make it your own… There is no reward in this on-going challenge except knowing that you have won the daily war against your closet, that like Tim Gunn says, you have made it work. The daily test makes me forget about function, a term that takes the fun out of anything, and it teaches me to appreciate the experiment itself. Honestly, it is the reason I keep my faith in fashion.

By: Meghan Leary- Style


1 Response to “Keepin’ the Faith.”

  1. 1 Ryan E-vans yo July 26, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    Meghan Leary…I like to see that you’re part of the team. Great, great article. I almost thought Eric was writing this it was so good. Looks like XI just boosted its talent roster.

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