Plastic Rhino

Quite a while back, I ran across an image of a magazine entitled Plastic Rhino. Due to the placement of the magazine’s logo and the development of the logo itself, I saved the image as a reference as I typically do when I cross paths with a picture that might influence me down the road. Upon investigating the magazine online very recently, I stumbled upon the team that designs the magazine along with their website. Peppered Sprout is responsible not only for Plastic Rhino but a handful of other creative magazines. It’s the type of work that truly gets me excited about the creation of our magazine, Eleven. The work featured by Peppered Sprout is innovation in itself and of the highest quality. The creative folks at PS also focus upon Publishing Design, Advertising, Photography and Branding.

Those of you on the Eleven Magazine staff should certainly take a look at the magazines provided on PS’s website, since it offers you numerous images of the magazines’ spreads and some innovative ideas for packaging of the magazines. It’s certainly a great bookmark for those of you who appreciate Editorial Design.

By: Ryan Haigh- Design


1 Response to “Plastic Rhino”

  1. 1 Eric July 31, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    Flawless command of design and photography, and new innovative aesthetics to boot! really refreshing…

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