An Additional Tip for Second-hand Shopping

Although Eric did quite a job covering the art of second-hand shopping, he missed one tip that I think is über important: the possibility of alteration.

What do I mean? Well, simply, don’t take a piece for what it is. Almost everything you buy can be taken in, hemmed, or chopped up. Altering old pieces makes them infinitely better, and so much more you. It helps to make them current and look less like something you stole out or someone else’s closet (since that is essentially what you did…). Here are a few tips about altering second-hand pieces:


  1. Make sure the piece is of good quality. There is nothing worse than altering a crappy piece. Essentially, you are just making it crappier. Save yourself the few dollars and just don’t.
  2. You cannot alter fur and leather pieces. Don’t try… It does not work. If a fur/leather piece fits, buy it even though it will be a bit more expensive. These pieces last forever, so do.
  3. If pants are too long, you can obviously hem them, but do not discount pants that are too short. You can cut them off and make them into shorts. It works, and it’s very Tim Hamilton Spring/Summer 2008 (see earlier post by Eric White if you’re not familiar).
  4. Second-hand blazers are very hit or miss, but if the only problem is short sleeves, cut them! You didn’t pay a lot for the blazer to begin with, so don’t feel bad about “defacing” it. Cut them into three-quarter length, half sleeves, even cut them off and make it a fantastic vest.
  5. If the buttons are outdated or just odd, you can always change them out. Just because the buttons suck, doesn’t mean the piece is done for. Buttons are an easy fix. Also, pins can make even the most boring blazer your own. If a plain blazer fits well, buy it and add a pin or patch for a little spice.


Do not accept second-hand clothes as they are. You don’t pay a lot for any of them, and that means you might actually have to work to make them look expensive, modern, and stylish. Don’t settle – alter and make it remarkable.

By: Meghan Leary- Style


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