Time pieces

          Before we talk about watches, something I am quite fond of, I am going to be pretty blunt. I am a spoiled brat. I realize this, I have accepted it (lots of arm twisting, I know) and I hope henceforth any ideas that I am some sort of arrogant snob and unaware of what I am saying and its ridiculousness should be rubbished right away.
          Now that that is done, I am a fan of watches, and I think most guys who are into watches know the types of watch they are and tend to stick to it. Now, I like classic-looking watches, no metal, no links, leather straps all the way and nothing digital is to come near me. I currently have two watches that are rather nice, a Cartier and a Patek Phillippe. They are leather-strapped and since I am from Egypt (which is pretty hot) they are probably the worst things to wear in this weather.
          All right, obviously, what am I getting at? I am looking to get a watch that, I know, has a metal band. What am I looking at? I really like the nautical watches and Daytona watches that Rolex put out, but I am not really a Rolex guy, and while I appreciate them for their quality, I am not sure I am prepared to go down that Rolex path.
          But I really want a watch that I can wear while riding a horse, going on an ATV, or, better yet, simply sitting in a non-air conditioned space here. So the question is: at what point do you get over yourself to get something that you can use without destroying it and how much style do you sacrifice (if at all) in the process? I bet the answer is to just get a Swatch. Ideas?

By: Osama Eisa- Editor-In-Chief

*Photo courtesy of In Touch’s Flickr account


3 Responses to “Time pieces”

  1. 1 sja11391 August 15, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    Swatch all the way. Simple, Practical, and Looks good with anything.

  2. 2 JustFYI August 18, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    Wow, I’m glad you put that disclaimer on that article. Thanks for pointing out your extreme sense of self-importance before any of us had to.

  1. 1 Time pieces | Eleven Magazine Trackback on August 14, 2008 at 8:10 pm

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