It’s Not Hard to Fall

This article is LONG overdue. Fall fashion has already begun. It is getting cooler quite quickly and the first front will be upon us soon, but I think it’s still important. I put this list together not in an attempt to tell you what to wear, but rather, I assembled it to give you ideas and a forum to talk about what is ‘in’ for the season. Take a look at the list and let’s discuss: What will you (or won’t) be wearing?

-Fall is bringing us back to black. It’s not as if black ever left the building, but it’s time to stop talking about what the newest of neutrals is. Look to Dior Homme for the freshest versions of everyone’s favorite non-color.

-Along with black, there’s been a resurgence of a heavy metal, punk influence. Lots of studs, lots of leather. Comme des Garçons represents the trend fantastically. Just be careful not to look like you came directly out of CBGB in its heyday. Make it modern by keeping it as clean looking as possible.

-There is a definite revival of all things retro spanning nearly five decades. Ralph Lauren starts us out in the late 1940s and early 1950s with a classically American collection. All looks were very reminiscent of old cinema, very Alfred Hitchcock. The 1950s offer us pajama-style suits and shirts that were all over Lanvin. The 50s also give us beautifully constructed dinner and tuxedo jackets, but they are made novel when worn in a casual way, like with dark jeans or a simple tee underneath. Michael Kors embodied the Young Professionals of the 1960s. His collection was very Mad Men. Yves Saint gave us late 1960s through early 1970s – think retro plaids, flared pants, and super skinny jackets. The 70s also gave us puffy vests, but I have a hard time recommending these. It’s tough to make them look modern, but if you can show me how, please do. And we cannot forget the Minimalism of the 1990s brought to us by Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs.

-There was also a lot of schoolboy shown at Burberry and Band of Outsiders. It was like a scene out of a Charles Dickens novel, but if you’re looking for a more modern influence, tune into five minutes of Gossip Girl and observe.

-One trend that is cropping up season after season and is oh-so-wearable is jeans that are not quite jeans. By this, I mean jeans in colors other than blue. You can find grey and black ones in most stores, but Patrik Ervell presented tan, slim cut jeans that were truly unique and definitely worth considering.
-Plaid is HUGE for fall. Buffalo plaid, retro 70s style plaid, western style plaids… Whatever you’re into, wear it! This is a great trend, because it allows you to chose exactly in what direction you take it.

-Accessories weren’t really much to report on. Keep your skinny ties, although try them in fun prints like plaid. Bags offered a lot of big carry-alls, but this does NOT mean messenger bags. Think 1950s style carry-alls á la Eric’s Second Hand Shopping Post.

People to Watch:
– Pay attention to Tim Hamilton. He pulled from a multitude of eras for influence, and his collection seemed to embody many of fall’s men’s trends. We alerted you of his presence in the fashion world concerning his Spring/Summer 2008 Collection, but seriously, pay attention to this guy (you know he’s good when he can do men’s tights that actually look wearable). Hamilton’s doing some experimental things, and he could become a real force in prêt-a-porter.

-Another name to to watch is Patrik Ervell. He is a good bridge between fall’s many trends such as Minimalism/ School Boy/Americana. He made very simple pieces that are absolute American classics – like minimal sportswear. Pay close attention to this guy, too, because he has an interesting perspective. Ervell’s a little lacking in the creativity department, but his looks are both high fashion and mainstream – they are edgy but still look like something you could wear around town.

By: Meghan Leary- Style/Fashion & Eric White- Style/Photography


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