Why I never leave home without my jet-pack.

Monocoque, Injection-Moulded ABS shell, Space-Frame construction, S-Design Lumbar Support, and the oh-so-comfortable Bucket-Seat Harness *I tried fitting more hyphens in there.* My day to day book bag looks like a set piece from Star Wars and as you can see the spec list fits. The first time I ever saw a Boblbe-e bag was on the back of a Jamaican Reggae artist by the name of Fantan Mojah, as he returned from tour in Europe. Upon being questioned about the obviously peculiar bag and its contents, his only reply was, “Well dis bag, here, when I and I open dis bag ya, is straight love and happiness.” What can I say, after that I had to get it.

Boblbe-e is a small design and research hub for sports and recreational equipment out of southern Sweden. Founded in 1997 with the intent of making highly efficient and functional flight sports based and light saber proof recreational equipment. Then chief of design, Jonas Blanking, found inspiration in his own wayfaring lifestyle and the lack of a truly functional back-pack, that could actively protect his computer and equipment from the elements first, at maximum comfort, then maximum functionality. Looking to the air-cargo industry for material inspiration, he found a fitting substance in ABS plastics (think motor-cycle helmets), several sketches later and the Megalopolis is born and the rest is, as they say, Star Wars history.

It took me a couple years to stumble across the Boblbe-e back-pack again, but when I did I didn’t hesitate and went with the slightly smaller and cheaper (about $180 USD) version, the Peoples Delight, can’t beat a name like that. Huge palette of colors, fully customizable, lifetime warranty and a wide array of accessories and attachments, I was sold pretty easily.

Ok, so no I can’t fly (I bet I could tuck a parachute in there though) and no I don’t plan on rappelling off anything anytime soon, but It’s completely weather proof, which is great for the Rochester winters; and if I was ever in a shoot-out and couldn’t run it has to be able to slow down a bullet if it can’t stop the thing; and if I was caught in an avalanche I could sled to safety. It’s expandable so I can cram a weekend’s worth of clothes in it and jet to the city *no pun intended,* or just a few books and a laptop if that’s all I need, it feels like nothing on my back and best of all, the suspicious looks at the x-ray counter in the airport.


By: Mikhail Budhai – Style


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