Fall from the other side of the world.

It should come as no surprise the newfound dominance of designers and brands emanating from the far east. Japanese and Chinese designers remain at the forefront not only in street wear but in also high end cut & sew pieces, with their attention to detail only replicated by the famed Scandinavians, as well as an extensive and insightful use of both unique and functional materials, I think it’s safe to say the future of fashion will house an extensive chapter from the land of the rising sun. Here we take a look at their interpretation of fall wear. The rustic, utilitarian theme of fall transcends all cultures, this season both Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci debuted lines heavily influenced by the outdoors, the same can be seen in Asian brands.

Established marques like Maharishi, once heavily endorsed by Lupe Fiasco, take a step away from the highly geometric designs and patterns of the past and this season focus on the re-interpretation of classical elements, with heavy use of tweeds and flannels in innovative cuts and designs.

New comers WhiteMountaineering enter the fray with a similar affinity for classic materials and patterns in a more understated representation, typical of trends across the pacific, cuts are flatteringly basic, styling, timelessly classic.

*Via- Hypebeast

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style/Fashion

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