Esquire’s October 08 E-Ink; 75 years in the Making

Boasting a cover that suggests, “The 21st Century Begins NOW,” Esquire’s October 2008 issue supports such an erroneous claim with the display the World’s first ever E-Ink magazine. The innovative use of E-Ink was applied to 100,000 copies of the October issue to celebrate 75 years of Esquire’s impressive history. For 75 years, Esquire has supported readers with interviews, articles, fashion and even fiction. Congratulations Esquire, we tip our hats off to all the people involved in your history of success.

Above is a screenshot of the issue, while below are a couple videos featuring Esquire’s E-Ink issue. The first video is the cover of the magazine, while the second video is the implementation of the E-Ink technology in a Ford Flex ad. About a month back, before the E-Ink article was released, Eleven Magazine spoke briefly about Esquire’s approach, be sure to take a look.

*via Iso50

By: Osama Eisa- Editor-In-Chief & Ryan Haigh- Design


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