Most of my sneakers are shamelessly retro, whether in the vivid colours of the 80’s or in their simplicity. In the latter category Adidas Originals reign supreme for me. I would like to say I specialize in Adidas, however, without the 3 stripes featured on all of their mainstream footwear, the more unadorned the more classic and timeless they look. Originally Adidas tennis sneakers only sported the a subdued trefoil on the heal until the advent of the ubiquitous 3 stripes now found on virtually all their products, aside from Y-3 (more on that later). My love affair began with the classic Stan Smith originals with the single perferated line for each of the 3 stripes, and grew to vintage Rod Lavers, and Gazelle OP’s, all sans any common nomenclature and branding. After my own heart Adidas presents the F/W 08 “Clean Pack”.

*Via – Hypebeast

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style


2 Responses to “Classics”

  1. 1 bigchase September 18, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    Holllly shit, those are slick as all hell! I need to get me those white ones…where do you think they’ll sell those bad boys Mikhail?


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