For all the fly few-wheelers out there.

All the bikers ever got was, decals, stickers, a few bags, and flip brim school boy caps, usually in neon colors. For a more understated look two brands have stepped to the front in designing form-fitting-functional bike wear, that makes riders look as intelligent as they are efficient.

Outlier pants are built with of Schoeller 3xDry and Nanosphere fabrics; designed to mimic the smooth shell of a beetle. It also takes cues from cabbage leaves and insect wings, and it is coated with millions upon millions of infinitesimal grains of silicon making it water and dirt repellent, anti-adhesive and self-cleaning. Add to that classically fitted tailoring, and you can finally ride straight to your cubicle without grease stains and crotch sweat marks.

Rapha a similar company with an eye towards the more refined rider also manufactures garments with the same Nanosphere technology. Their “Plus 4” fixed short features zipped pockets and padded seats. With a more extensive collection, from knee warmers to outerwear, they offer a more complete outfitting of the modern biker.

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style/Fashion


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