Too fast for the feds, too cocky for the cops.

When I was a younger my friends and I re-discovered the common bicycle from our childhood days and made it our primary means of transport up over and across Kingston. Obscene distances, over hills, across maniacal taxi ( Jamaican taxi men exist in their own limit less land of phsyics) filled roads. Running on Red Bull and Hershey’s chocolate pies from Burger King.

Zoo York this summer staged their first “Bomb Down Broadway” race in New York City. A few hundred BMX’ers in a free-for-all race across the island of Manhattan, from Union Square to Edwin De La Rosa’s POST BMX shop in Brooklyn. All in the name of, you guessed it, cold hard cash, $1500 to the winner. Just don’t get hit by anything bigger than ubiquitous pigeon shit and be at least fast enough to shake the pigs (all 38,000 of them). We woulda had this in the bag.

the incentive

the incentive

*Via – Zoo York, Hypebeast

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style


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