Do you know what is so cool about English clothiers? They usually started out for utility. John Emary, the guy who founded Aquascutum (more on the name later) did so in his pursuit of finding a water-proof wool. He did, his coats were issued to British officers during the Crimean War.

Why Aquascutum? It is Latin for “water shield.” Simple, no?

The reality is that Aquascutum has grown over the past few years, and since being taken over by a Japanese company in 1990, they have become a very relevant brand again. Aquascutum’s suits are what people are really paying attention to, and their advertising campaigns (see above) have made sure that the classic British suit is going no where.

What is really cool is Aquascutum’s line of vintage clothing. What that means, I have no idea. Frankly, I think “vintage” means something very different to the Brits then it does Stateside. Regardless, some of these styles are awesome:

Check Aquascutum out here.

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