Let the music take you

So as a fresh out of college burgeoning furniture designer, you’re sitting in your flat bumping A Tribe Called Quest, with your sketch book in hand, but nothing on the paper. The previous 2 pages all have cross-thatching and “WTF!” scribbled beside blotched out shitty sketches, fuck it you know you’re never gonna be Panton.

Matthew Plummer Fernandez had to be the aforementioned guy, with some alpha-wave stimulaters *cough* factored in. Fernandez mapped (volume by time by frequency i.e. 3-D) 719 sounds until I guess he found one that looked like a chair, he then had it water jet-cut in polyethylene foam and slapped £3950 on it. Now you can not only hear music, but see, and touch it too. With a few more tokes brilliant minds we’ll have all 5 senses covered.

*Via – CoolHunting

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style


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