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Short Idols

Satin finish shorts, baseball/bomber jacket, gingham and a bow-tie. Why not? Better yet why not for fall? Idol Radec doesn’t mind the idea. It might sound ridiculous on paper but you can’t deny the execution here is more than effective. Below are some more easier looks to pull off from their FW 08 line.

More here.

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style


BLACK is the New Black

The creative team over at Asuza have certainly caught my attention with their 2008 Winter Collection. The strikingly casual sillohuettes contrast the moody, mainly black, color pallette. The influence of the 80’s and 90’s was evident through the utilization of acid wash jeans and geometric graphics. Here it is folks, we can now quit trying to reinvent our favorite non-color… BLACK IS BACK.

*images via: Asuza

By: Eric White – Style

Try This-#1

Fig Marmalade and Goat Cheese crumbles

Fig Marmalade and Goat Cheese crumbles

I’ve decided to do a weekly post entitled “Try this” . I’ll be giving you simple and quick food and drink ideas meant to make entertaining easier. This week, I want you to try this: Goat Cheese with an apricot marmalade paired with Dr. Konstantine Frank’s Semi-Dry Riesling (2006). A simple wheat cracker topped with the goat cheese and marmalade is a great combo in itself. The goat cheese has savory taste (read:umami) with a bit of saltiness that is complimented by the sweetness of the marmalade. The wine fits so nicely with the ‘snack’ because its has similar qualities in that there is a great balance between sweetness of the wine and its acidity.  The characteristics of the wine are toned down as well as its flavor profile are changed by the fat from the cheese that has coated your tongue.

I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you are looking for a quick and easy item to prepare for a date or any social gathering. I recently had 3 of our editors try this combo and got a great response. The goat cheese and apricot marmalade is readily available at most, if not all, grocery stores but if apricots aren’t your thing, try fig (pictured above) or some other fruit spread. Everyone’s palate is different so experiment! Find what you like!

Dr. Frank’s Semi-Dry Riesling is available for about $15.00 per bottle at most wine and spirit distributors making this affordable as well….


By: Alvin J.B. Roberts, III- Food Correspondent

Desert Boot Doomsday

Okay this is the last drip for me in the desert boot pipeline. I believe you’ve all been saturated enough. Opening Ceremony, proprietors of all things New Hampshire, Nantucket and pastel were the first to take the desert boot to the next step in my opinion. The classic silhouette is there, the lines are cleaner, the form leaner, and the look thus effortless. Desert boots don’t come much more dressed up than this.

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style

Freaks Come Out At Night

We just had a crazy start to our weekend here at eleven.

The Monster Mash-up party at Pearl Nightclub in Rochester, NY

Featuring Dieselboy, Ewun and Annalyze



Special thanks to Pearl Nightclub and RipRoc for letting us party with them.

If you don’t see your picture here, stay tuned. Much more about this party and all involved coming soon.


Photos By: Antonio Aresco

Junkie Jenga

If my parents built me this as a child, I would never move out. I’m sure you’ve heard of Jenga, and I’m sure you’ve heard of PCP creativity. Combine the two then exponentially raise idle time, and you get Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto’s latest brain child; Final Wooden House. There are no separations of floor, wall, and ceiling,  just movement and interaction in a truly 3-dimensional space, created from a strict use of lumber. Brilliant.

More here.

*Via – ArchDaily

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style

Forcing Cool

This is Hamish Bowles, a very respected member of the fashion community. I saw this shot from my new favorite altamira, and I was just struck in the worst way with this outfit.

I understand the shirt-tie combo is really his sort of shtick, but, that’s beside the point, it was the shoes that really got me. In an earlier post about wearing things because they do not go together, I wrote that I found the outfit refreshing because the counter-culture devise was not the focus or out of place.

This outfit makes a point of having everything put together very well, and then, suddenly, and brazenly going for broke with dusty loafers. I am a huge fan of loafers, but that does not mean I appreciate them when used poorly. This time, was not one of those.

The trick to pulling off a great outfit with things that don’t go together, is that they should not be obviously in contrast, it makes your outfit look like a costume. This was a double-breasted number, his coat was hanging off his shoulders, nonchalant and supposedly elegant. It just looks weird. Maybe weird is good?

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