How a Suit Should Fit.

The Japanese always are on point when it comes to their suits. Everything is impeccable, and I think that’s why even their outfits that are deemed “safe” or “traditional” are always stunning. Why? Because they fit right. They fit perfectly in fact.

I am a mad-man about cuff-length and the overall fit of my suits, and I think the Japanese share this maniacal, possibily unhealthy obsession. That being said, great color combination and fit do not spell great style. What makes these guys really stylish is that you can really see their personality in the clothes that they wear. At the end of the day, these are just objects, and its not that we attribute arbitrary value to them, rather, these objects, in their design and form reflect our cultural perceptions of our personality.

As usual, these are from Kentaro’s blog.

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1 Response to “How a Suit Should Fit.”

  1. 1 Barret October 3, 2008 at 5:55 am

    Not that I know anything about fit, but the guy at the bottom has pants that look way too short for him. If he were walking or sitting down, wouldn’t they ride up to his shins? His sleeves look a little short, too.

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