People: Buffalo, NY

The Man With the 7 Wheeled Bicycle?

So it’s Saturday afternoon. I’m sitting outside a small sandwich shop on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo New York. From the corner of my eye I see a bright red-orange mass steadily moving down the sidewalk and I couldn’t resist getting a better look.

His name is Loren D. Shibley. A shy but kind and well spoken individual who was reluctant to speak to me at first, and in my own ignorance I couldn’t figure out why. After taking a few shots with my camera, I noticed people gawking with disgust and it hit me. Mr.Shibley just wasn’t used to getting respect from most people, and for no good reason at all.

In his excitement he fumbled with his pleather-duct tape wallet to pull out a business card (with email contact) and proudly handed it to me. It felt good to make someone’s day just that much better.

So what’s my point? Get out, see the world, talk to a stranger because you might make someone’s day. Or even your own.

By: Antonio Aresco


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