Food IS style…

Being a “food writer” for a fashion and lifestyle magazine is not as easy as you think. Back and forth I go, “How can I tie food into the overall message?”…”What point do I want to get across to there reader?” Truth is, I don’t really know. Food is such a broad medium, through which so many people spanning both cultural and chronological backgrounds express themselves, that it turns into a situation where too many choices are worse than none at all. So keeping with the spirit of the blog, I’m going to reserve recipes and such to the print medium and turn this electronic forum back over to you. Let me know what you want to hear, what you WANT to read and I will do my best to share my knowledge of not only food and beverage, but hospitality within the social realm. I will be posting tips and tricks to easy entertaining and simple guides to ensure that you the reader can boast an impressive culinary Rolodex along with that fly ‘second hand’ outfit.

Big shout out to Binhong Lu for the email. You lit a fire under my ass…

By: Alvin J.B Roberts III- Food Correspondent


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