I Dig Colours

Easily mistaken for illustration/graphic design, Kenji Hirata is not your average artist. It’s actually acrylic paint, sometimes oil, on canvas/wall. In my opinion it’s pseudo 70’s- japanese-graffiti-pop-art, to hear him tell the story it “attempts to reveal something deep within the spirit of things… through the incorporation of water, fire, metal, wood, and oil” and something to do with Buddhism and a love for empty space and its thus occupation. Citing his inspirations as “the vibrancy of Jamaican dance hall sound systems” (I shit you not) and “the billboards and hand painted signage of Southeast Asia” I just love the duality of his style being so graphic and 2 dimensional but the elements and shapes upon closer inspection still give you an idea of movement in an immense space.

Also check out Hirata’s Barnstormers crew (whom formed in 1999 after a pilgrimage to the rural town of Cameron, North Carolina. During the trip, twenty-five artists painted dozens of barns, tractor-trailers, shacks and farm equipment).

Hirata’s Absolut Raspberri Commercial here.

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style


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