Mmmmm…That nostalgia tastes good!

Cornbread. Its not just a side, its a utensil.

Cornbread. It's not just a side, it's a utensil.

After reading the post “Advice from your Grandmother”, I began thinking about the concept in terms of food. I can remember the holidays, watching my grandfather(or grandmother) prepare the dishes that we would all soon devour. Greens, yams, beans,  hams, mac and cheese, neck bone, stewed cabbage, cornbread and so much more. All the while, I would watch in awe at the ease and the consistency of the cooking. I never saw a measuring cup, never saw scale but I could always count on the food tasting the same every time…Most all the culinary knowledge I have comes not from a formal class or in a kitchen at some restaurant but from watching, learning and absorbing from the people closest to me. I am always, ALWAYS amazed at home recipes and foods are passed down from generation to generation and how provide a another unique thread that binds us to our past , our history and our culture. It’s truly an amazing thing.

I would encourage any of you readers to learn , if you don’t already know, how to make an ENTIRE meal from scratch. If you have access to an aunt, uncle, grandparents, even mom and dad, ask them to teach you the ways. Tell them to let you peek at the weathered, yellow piece of paper with that old family recipe. It is of the utmost importance, to keep culture alive through food, especially in today’s fast paced, processed food environment.  So slow down, take time to make a meal, relax and enjoy. After all, it IS called ‘comfort food’…

By: Alvin J.B. Roberts, III – Food Correspondent


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