This is not one of those amazing posts that the rest of the staff continually churns out, rather, this is sort of a mini-call to people to simply enjoy being themselves. We get lots of emails talking about how people are confused as to how they find something they wouldn’t wear interesting.

Whoever said you had to dress in one style? I think we, as human beings, tend to label and categorize people as a way to feel safer in placing somebody else in a convenient category so that we are able to interact with them in seemingly acceptable ways.

What the hell am I getting at? Check out this guy:

Ripped jeans, vans, band t-shirt, longish hair, you have him figured out right?

We posted a picture of this guy in a White Suit, shown here:
I am not sure many people would have expected either outfit to be worn by whichever image you were introduced to first, but the moral of the story is that we should stop defining each other on first appearances and perceptions. Sure, it’s important to look good for a job interview, but maybe you should give someone a chance just because they’re not as stylish as you are. Maybe you’re not stylish at all, and he is?

Just a penny of my thoughts.

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