Burton Suits: The Full Monty

A well-made, stylish suit does not have to cost you $1000. Many people will tell you that, GQ and Esquire included, and to a certain degree that is correct. However, many do not have $1000 to throw around for a suit to begin with, and if you are one of those people, who want a stylish suit without the price, check out Burton.

Burton is a brand that was established in 1903. Burton’s founder, Montague Burton, promised a ” five guinea suit for 55 shillings.” He produced the military uniforms for the British Military for both World War I and II, his efforts earning him a Knighthood. Following WWII, he offered three-piece suits instead of the traditional two, and we get the phrase “the full Monty” as a result.

Burton has supplied the suits for England’s 1966 World Cup Winning Squad and more recent (and less fortunate) squads of 2000 and 2002. Regardless, Burton still offers great suits for a great price. Check out their Premium & Contemporary Suits (for more urbane looks) or the Heritage label for more traditional English cuts.

Check them out here.

Examples of the Premium and Heritage lines (L-R)

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