I Love Techno 2008 mixed by Boys Noize

If you haven’t heard yet, Boys Noize is a Berlin based electro house producer/DJ that has gained world recognition and is considered to be on the same caliber of artists like Justice and Soulwax (or in my opinion, even better). In 2007, he released his debut CD entitled “Oi Oi Oi” (purchase it here) which featured 14 tracks of pure electro success. He has also started his own record label (Boys Noize Records) which consist of a refreshing and inspiring group of artists like Siruismo, Shadow Dancer, Les Petit Pilous, to name a few). His DJ sets consist of non-stop electro bangers, that never fail to completely obliterate a crowd. I’ve been lucky enough to catch him perform a few times in NYC and at Coachella earlier this year (which was the highlight of the whole festival for me). His music selection shows influences from the early rave scene along with the current ever-expanding french house scene. His sets are always full of innovation, using cd players and turntables unlike the growing trend of Serato or laptop based DJing.

Here I have for you his official live set from I Love Techno festival this year, featuring new tracks from artists like Turbo’s Proxy and Ed Banger’s Mr. Oizo and other unreleased goodies. It was released on iTunes today, so don’t forget to purchase it if you’re liking what you hear!

Listen to the set here.

Show Boys Noize some myspace love here.

By: Roberto – Guest Contributor


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