The Hipster Revolution

The Pregnant Goldfish is my new dirty habit. I came across this site through a friend who directed it to me saying, “hey look, here are all your friends…” Of course I couldn’t immediately jump on ship…

Hipster Law number 143 clearly states:

*No hipster shall show enthusiasm for a topic until the required 5 full minutes of personal reflection and/or intense disdain and skepticism for the mainstream societal connotations. The 5 min inspection period of may be waved of course, if the item in question is vintage, worn by that indie rock guy/girl, or smells like cigarettes.

After careful consideration, I fell in love with this blog. They feature pictures of the most innovative and cutting edge fashion found mostly in clubs or on the street. Yes, a blog that finally shows you what people are actually wearing instead of what you should be buying! Many of the featured images contain home-altered and vintage one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the wearer’s often off the wall personality.

Strap on you chucks and skinny jeans and prepare yourself for this one…

*images via The Pregnant Goldfish

By: Eric White- Style/Photography


1 Response to “The Hipster Revolution”

  1. 1 pregnantgoldfish October 14, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    Hey! Thanks for the Love.

    Love, The Pregnant Goldfish

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