Man Bags: Taboo?

Why can’t men carry small leather bags around with them? Why does it somehow imply femininity? What if he filled it with man things? A chain saw? Machete? Keys to his big chevy truck? What if it was made of calf skin and was bacon flavored?

Does many “manly” things cancel out a “girly” thing? Do the rules of balance apply to taboo? No, taboo is created by the human mind, and the human mind is naturally, in its raw form, is incapable of achieving balance.  Balance can only be achieved through hard work and determination. We are a species of extremes, a species of love and hatred, right and wrong, fat and skinny, et cetera. It’s always one or the other.

Is this our fatal flaw? Our inability to grasp the concept of oneness with everything and that oneness is God? It comes down to the ego. The ego is the only evil, and balance is the only good.

By: Sal Aresco

Image: Burberry Prorsum (Fall 2007) from Men’s Style database.


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