Don’t Get Caught

Fashion is a funny little son of a bitch thing. ! mentioned the seemingly off center direction lately with the onezies/jumpsuit/overalls being slapped high prices and purported as the future or something to that effect. Then there’s dear old Marc. He’s one of the most influential modern designers of our time. The man is a class-A dandy so if he wants to wear a skirt, obviously you can’t stop him. Don’t get me wrong i’m all for innovation and pushing the bar and that sort of thing but I believe fashion and incumbent style is a grass roots phenomenon. A piece like the onezie has to be born in the hearts of the funky, proliferated by the chosen few with the testicular fortitude to abscond modern tastes and create a style of their own. Then LVMH can come in and slap a ridiculous price tag on it and I won’t mind too much, I guess. I own a pair of Ralph Lauren Flight Pants, victory cigar pocket and two pockets at my ankles for God knows what other than contraband, and I admit I wish I could say they were the real deal I found in some thrift store. First time I wore 3/4 shorts my mother asked me if there is some weather system inclement she doesn’t know about, in the US I believe clam-diggers is the colloquial. My point is these ideas occur at the most basic level of style and are given time to filter itself out, instead of being forced upon us as what is hip. Shit, I rather find it somewhere cheap, rock it, get laughed at, until people accept it as my own, rather than walk into a store spend $372 on it and then go, it’s Prada so it has to be dope.

I came across these fisherman pants on this website. They cost $372. Look I have nothing against fishing, men, or their pants but $372?! According to the site “At long last we have received restocks of Harmon’s incredibly popular Fisherman Pants. We first received this style last March to a very warm reception and they sold out almost immediately.” I know somewhere some punk kid is laughing because he stole the same fucking thing from his fisherman uncle’s closet. Deadliest Catch guys, you get to laugh too.

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style

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