A Liferaft Of A Suggestion In A Sea Of Uncertainty

You walk into a liquor store. You take a gander at the wares. You look at bottle after bottle and row after row of wine and just can’t pick one. There’s too many! The room is starting to swirl. You began to see distorted images and people’s voices are sounding awfully distant and garbled. Then, you pass out and knock your head on a shelf and go into a coma! Okay so maybe the second part didn’t happen. But I’m sure you’ve all walked into a liquor store before and spent at least a half hour walking up and down the roads, looking for that one perfect bottle of wine at the perfect price. Let me say straight up, that rarely, if ever, happens. There are more types of wines in the world then there are hair colors or types of plastic surgery. Put together. But there is hope. Here is a little recipe for how I pick out my bottles of wine:

1. Have a general idea of what type of wine you want before you even set foot in the store. Figure out what kind of wine you’re feeling: dark, light, mouth-watering, dry, sweet, acidic, tannic or not. That way when you’re reading the backs of the bottles you can get a feel for what the wines are and whether you’re feeling it or not.

2. Ask for help. If you go into any halfway decent wine shop/liquor store, the guy at the front desk or the one in the back will have an idea of what you want and be able to direct you to a pretty decent wine.

3. Know relatively how much you want to spend. I wish I could go in and just buy any bottle that looked good to me but I don’t have those kind of resources. Yet.

4. Always, always check out the sales and the bargain bin. There’s this one place I go to that literally has a big tub in the center of the store filled with different bottles of wine for only $3.99. This can be tricky figuring that there could be numerous reason why they are trying to get rid of them. That being said, one of my favorite Italian wines was found there and I don’t mind paying a much lower premium for it than it is worth. The same can be said for sales. You look for clothes that are on sale, cars that are on sale, gadgets that are on sale so just because wine is on sale doesn’t mean it sucks.

5. Try to go for something you haven’t tried. A lot of people go into a store and randomly try a bottle and find out they love it. Nothing wrong there. Then they go back and get the bottle again because the know they love it. And they do it again. And again. And again. Point made? Good. Statistically speaking, the more types of wine you try, the more you will like. Also statistically speaking, the more bottles of wine you drink, the better singer/dancer you will become. Try it out.

6. Don’t just chug it. Listen, I have no problem with people drinking wine to get drunk, I do it all the time. But if you’re serious about trying a new wine, about going for another experience then at least take the first glass slowly. Check out my earlier post on tasting wine and give it a chance before you inhale it for the inevitable inebriation that follows it.

7. Enjoy. Share. And repeat steps 1-6.


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