Since When Are Fanny Packs…Cool?

Alright so I’ve been living in Dubrovnik, Croatia for about two months now and I’ve come to a very disturbing realization. Murses, or more specifically fanny packs, are not only cool here but if you aren’t wearing one then you are looked at as being incredibly un-cool. What the fuck! It may be just me but as long as I’ve been alive I have detested fanny packs. This is basically what memory conjures up every time I think of the words “fanny” and “pack” in the same sentence:

But no longer will I only think of the ridiculous tourist wearing fanny packs to keep all their important belongings close to their heart (or…waistline). As I’ve been around Dubrovnik and Zagreb in Croatia and Mostar and Sarajevo in Bosnia I’ve found out that Eastern Europe is resurrecting the fanny pack with an almost fanatical fervor. I’ve seen ones made by big brands like Adidas, Nike, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. W-w-w-what? I’m flabergasted. Now instead of your average suburban, socks-with-sandals wearing white tourist having fanny packs, we’re seeing them on runways and on the “cool” kids. Shoot, they’re wearing them backwards, sideways, from their shoulders, and around their necks. I have never seen this in my life but people beware…is the U.S. next for the fanny-phenom?

Let’s just hope it doesn’t move on to ever crazier heights like fanny packs that are also coolers for you drink or some such ridiculous notions…


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