King Farouk

There are few images that illustrate the power of an individual. Usually photographs of royalty is staged and constructed in a way to ensure the royalty photographed looks regal and dominant. I stumbled upon this photograph of King Farouk of Egypt, the last King of Egypt until 1952. My grandmother spoke fondly of this time, and I think with a King like this, I know why.

(click to enlarge)

Not only is the outfit very well done (as it should, he’s a king) but it is also contemporary, even for today’s standards. However, the most impressive part of this photograph is how much power he exudes just by walking down the stairs. I can look at this photograph constantly and never get bored, there is so much to notice, so much body language information there.

Anyways, just though I’d share.

By: Osama Eisa – Editor-in-Chief


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