Brooks Brothers Sport Shirt

A good shirt is honestly hard to come by. The quality of a dress shirt, is rather easy to tell, and frankly, far easier to maintain. Dress shirts are not worn when you could be just doing, well, stuff; you’re wearing a dress shirt, because, well, you have to be dressed. However, what happens when you want a shirt that can withstand some movement, some falling maybe, some sweat, some dirt without losing your mind?

I know quite a few people who buy sport shirts from Gap or some discount store, and they do not stand up to wear-and-tear. If you want a shirt that can, look no further than Brooks Brothers. Several editors of this magazine, including myself, wear Brooks Brothers shirts–without sacrificing style–and we wear them into the ground, to no ill effect.

The shirt above, is around $150 and designed by Thom Browne. You can get less expensive shirts from Brooks (it’s Thom Browne designed, so it’s marked up accordingly) but, the quality of their shirts is what makes them set apart. If you can get good shirts that last you from J. Crew or whatever, stick with it. If you, like me, have found those shirts to rip, tear, break buttons, and what not, then seriously think of putting in a little extra money for shirts you’ll have forever.

Brooks Brothers has deals all the time, and you can buy three of these shirts for $199. There are a whole bunch of other options as well, and Brooks Brothers has great stuff, just really well made stuff that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank.

Slim-fit Brooks Brothers shirt can be found here.

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