Random food post #1- Wegman’s

I went to Wegman’s today during during my lunch break and was blown away. (For those of you who don’t know about Wegman’s, It is quite possibly the best grocery store on Earth.) I went to pick up some things and as I looked around I noticed others on their lunch break buying prepared foods as if they were in some sort of casual eatery. Paninis and “Custom” tossed salads, complete with every type of salad ingredient you can think of, an expansive “pay by the pound” section, with gourmet foods from a broad selection of global regions (Asian, Italian, Greek…). Salmon Primavera, pulled pork, Chicken French, any thing you could want was right there, prepared fresh, IN THE GROCERY STORE.
Now, you may say “Well duh, it’s a supermarket. But you, my friend, are wrong. I challenge you to find another similar establishment (grocery store) that offers the quality of food and customer service that you find at Wegman’s. Imagine if the Food Network opened a store…its the only way to describe it. I doubt you’ve ever heard someone say, “Hey, where are you eating lunch?” followed by the response “the grocery store”. But when it comes to Wegman’s, that type of thing is common place.
Typical Wegmans-Interior

Typical Wegman's-Interior

Kudos to the Wegman’s organization.  No wonder Fortune Magazine likes you so much!

Wegmans- Wikipedia

Wegman’s-USA Today

By: Alvin J.B. Roberts, III- Food Correspondent


1 Response to “Random food post #1- Wegman’s”

  1. 1 pshh November 17, 2008 at 12:30 am

    i ❤ Alvin.
    I also work there.

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