World of Fashion?

I found this picture at altamira. Does this image encapsulate what fashion is? There is this sort of weird separation between three parts of the equation: the people, the designers, and the media.

The people are just staring at this life, this life they think they should be living, a life the people they are staring at don’t even live. The photographers are in love with this life, attempt to immerse themselves in that life, and are the most ardent and passionate missionaries for this life’s promulgation. The designers, who may or may not believe themselves to be in the fantasy world they create, make their living off of its (the life’s) continued success.

Fashion is becoming less and less about personal expression and more about tribal identification. You fall into certain categories, there are labels that denote your slight variation to others within your category, and you are therefore sold this idea that you are truly unique. Looking through tons of style blogs, its funny, because I do not see people who really have clothes that reflect themselves. You can just see it in the faces, in the over-the-top poses, or the drone-like adherence to designer gospel.

The image is supposedly glamorous, because we would all want to be in front of those cameras, apparently. The funny thing is, it is not the designer being photographed that dictates what we see or hear about, it is those people behind those cameras, and as people, we never look at them, never question them, we just look at what is being photographed.

What drives this magazine forward is you, the reader. You are not “the masses,” you are not people we have to educate, inspire, or enlighten. You are who we are having this conversation with. It is because of your emails, comments, and protests that has allowed us to break down those barriers between the media (us) and the people (you). Will the designers lower their guard? Maybe. Do we even want them to?

Eleven Magazine is not a bunch of snobs who are out to portray some image of superiority and omnipotence. We want you to know who is telling you about what, because that way, we can get to a better place from where we were before. Talk to someone you do not agree with, look at a style you don’t care for, because I bet you that you will learn from it.

I know I have.

By: Osama Eisa – Editor-in-Chief


2 Responses to “World of Fashion?”

  1. 1 Tom October 30, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    do you ever write something that isn’t grand osama?

    seriously man, its like braveheart moments with your essays

  1. 1 World of Fashion? | Eleven Magazine Trackback on October 29, 2008 at 2:23 pm

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