For A Different Fanny


Bikers have a place close to my heart, so I try to show them some love here at Eleven whenever a related product enters the market. For the devout biker, especially here upstate, and it would seem everywhere, Chrome bags are the rosary of the fixed religion. I have nothing against it, I admire that about subcultures, they latch on to something make it there own and its henceforth proliferation is unstoppable. In other words they make it a part of their identity. Personally I’ve always found myself standing stage left trying to figure out something the main stage hasn’t caught on to yet. Acorn bags just released their 1 Strap Roll Bag. The fanny-pack your 2-wheeled baby always wanted. I wouldn’t expect it to replace the more voluminous offerings out there, but it is simple and efficient, de-constructed to the bare bones, and at $35 it won’t break the bank, but it’ll break the trend.

rollbag1s_photo2 rollbag1s_photo61

More bike baggage here and here.

*Via – mrbag

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style


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