Guide to Denim

I will be honest, when it comes to denim you really should be emailing Mikhail for tips. Jeans are something that I have recently started to take greater interest in and so I hope to share some of my insight as I try to understand more about denim. Designer jeans are a joke to many, with jeans reaching seemingly absurd prices ($440?!). However, Esquire and I would like to offer four price ranges of denim to illustrate what exactly you are paying for:


This is your basic designer jean, at $50 from Nautica Jeans, there aren’t too many complaints. What are you paying for? These jeans are hand-rubbed, with sand used to distress the jeans, while various dyes and enzymes have been machine washed into this jean to give it that look. What you aren’t? The straight fit of these jeans are made to fit various body types, that means, not you.


A bit of an upgrade with these $98 jeans from Guess. What are you paying for? These jeans are made to look old and worn in, you’re paying for that. Little details like worn out seams and whiskers on the hip and various other patterns and washes make this jean $98. What you aren’t? You are not necessarily paying for quality jeans, usually branding or gaudy stitching and patterns, which might not be for you.


These jeans are interesting, they are adidas Originals jeans by Diesel. At $210 they represent the “higher end” level of jeans that many refuse to go to. What are you paying for? You are getting special distressing and washing that provides that “authentic worn-in feel and color” that takes so long to cultivate. What you aren’t? Authenticity. You won’t find any real cowboys in $200 jeans.


These $440 Borelli jeans are Japanese selvage denim, the most sought-after jeans in the world. What are you paying for? Not only are they the best quality, but they contain slight percentages of stretchy material, so that they’ll fit you better. What you aren’t? A bargain.

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