Pelican Shit


I am border line obsessed with old school canvas sneakers. Let me just throw that out there. I’m sure it has something to do with growing up in sweltering Jamaica, not summers, but year round. I remember my first pair of Nike Old Schools in prep school for P.E., white canvas with a little red swoosh on the heel, all of a sudden I felt light on my feet. Couldn’t hold a candle to my older brother though, he had them in every shade and hue. To truly keep it classic though canvas sneakers I think belong in White, Bone White, Off white, or some variation of the condensed spectrum. Aside from my morbid fear of scuff marks, like black cars fear pelican shit, funny enough my mom would always say I look like I’m standing in pelican shit in the sun when I wear them, I can’t live without a pair. They go with more or less everything, they’re cheap, machine washable, and they look a bit more mature than your white on white Air Force Ones. I own a few myself, chalk white linen Pumas with the cat motif, the requisite Van’s Eras in bone, and some vintage PF Flyer forefather Keds, sepia tone and all. The guy above takes the cake though, and bounded a 16 foot fence while you weren’t looking. Decisions, decisions. I’m looking forward to the spring already.

*Via – JJJJ

By: Mikhail Budhai – Style


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