Dear Judith, Why Not?

I am still stuck on the manbag paradox. Why hasn’t the animal shaped, crystal encrested evening bag reached men’s fashion? I have no idea. Below is a letter I am sending the designer Judith Leiber about the topic.

Dear Judith,

Why not a man bag here and there?  I mean, just because society doesn’t perceive crystals as “manly” doesn’t mean a lion shaped bag is “girly”. Personally, I believe the fact that its shaped like a dangerous beast cancels out the “girly” perceived in the crystals, meaning in actuality, there is nothing manlier than a crystal encrested, fierce animal shaped manbag. I firmly belief that both crystals and bags can be worn by either sex, given they match the other clothing being worn and the occasion they are being worn to. So please tell me, why not? Why not cross the line of taboo?

Sal Aresco


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