The Desktop Wallpaper Project




Being a visual person, I have found the task of finding a kick-ass desktop background to be nearly impossible. I’m not even sure if there are many of you who struggle with the same efforts of exhibiting a masterpiece via the mesmorizing glow of your LCD’s backlight accompanied by a glorious, perfectly fit desktop design. For those of you who struggle with these same notions, well, this post is most certainly for you.

The Desktop Wallpaper Project is an effort by Bobby Solomon, aka Kitsune Noir, to release desktop wallpapers (every Wednesday) created by some of his favorite illustrators/designers/artists. It just so happens that some of Bobby’s favorites are mine as well. There are a handful of well-crafted, colorful desktops on his blog that are sized to every monitor dimension possible, so you shouldn’t have any issues. Hell, you can even snag a design for your iPhone or PSP if you’d like, since it’s available.

Be sure to check out Desktopography as well, especially if you have more of an appreciation for photography rather than illustrations.

By: Ryan Haigh- Design


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