The Burst of Beaden



The other day is was scanning through an endless abyss of television channels and the Planet Green channel peaked my interest (I wasn’t aware this channel even existed). Well, this television commercial for Royal Bank’s Blue Water Project popped up and it included some delicate motion graphics accompanied by an excellent amount of illustration/paint work. I thought to myself, I wonder how much work it must have been to create enough material for the motion designers to be able to establish a moving commercial out of. Secondly, I thought, who the hell is the artist who created these images!?

Low and behold, I just ran across the work of Jon Klassen, aka Burst of Beaden, the man responsible for the imagery in the commercial. I was delighted to rummage through his portfolio, his blog, as well as his online store which features a few of his paintings. Take a look!

*Via- Form Fifty Five

By: Ryan Haigh- Design


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