Karl Lagerfeld’s iPod Trunk


In case you didn’t know but Karl Lagerfeld has an obsession with iPods. He has them all over his house, I know, I’ve seen it (more on Lagerfeld Confidential later). The man is obsessed with them and has to carry iPods with him everywhere, it seems that he’s obsessed with iPods and Books, as he has a vault-like library. 

Anyways, back to the Louis Vuitton trunk. It’s bespoke, meaning custom made, and it is designed to hold JBL speakers (the only thing that Karl listens to) and about 20 iPods. Ridiculous, I know. This sort of work takes about eight months and would cost you a pretty penny, tens of thousands of dollars to be exact. 

So if you need 20 iPods and JBL speakers whereever you go, this is the thing for you. 

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