People and Places of Dubai


This is the American University.


This is a pretty typical kid from Dubai. Notice the kuffeyeh, which is not trendy there, it’s a part of the hertiage of this place. 


These are typical girls in Dubai. They are college students at the American University. I think this image goes to show you that girls are not these abused people who have no rights or education. I hope that through images of the Middle East we can offer you a very different view of the most misunderstood region in the world. 


Yes, the arabic above them reads “Starbucks,” and these are young guys who are wearing their traditional clothes. These are known as Dish Dashas, Kanduras, or Galabeyas, matters where you are in the Middle East. What I love is that in Dubai young men still wear their traditional clothes and I think that pisses people off for some reason, I don’t really understand why. Why should we all have to wear western clothing?

If we are all supposed to be individuals, then why are we peer pressuring and forcing upon ourselves requirements from some superimposed big brother that is out-of-touch designers and advertisers? 

More images from Dubai and other destinations soon.


2 Responses to “People and Places of Dubai”

  1. 1 An American Arab December 14, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    Yeah, I think you’re right about the fact that it pisses people off when they see a person who still wears their traditional clothing, and hasn’t conformed to western style.

    But what pisses me off is that when a person chooses to dress in their own way over here in the West, whether it be traditional or religious, they are automatically judged or scrutinized because of their choice.

    Why does it make a difference where you live – whether it’s in the Middle East or in America?

    Nice post.

  1. 1 People and Places of Dubai | Eleven Magazine Trackback on November 24, 2008 at 3:14 pm

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