Fendi Fall/Winter ’08


When I think of Fendi, I usually think of women’s bags with big “F’s” all over them. I am also not usually a big fan of brands going into things they are traditionally not known for. Fendi and Louis Vuitton are examples of this growing trend of leather goods makers turned fashion designers.

In the case of both Vuitton and Fendi, I think it can be said they have made a rather graceful transition into clothing. Fendi’s latest runway show isn’t ground-breaking or anything, but, it does offer new materials and textures to garments in ways I think very few designers have tried.

The other thing about Fendi’s designs that are appealing is its mastery of a new minimalism. To many advocates of minimalism, they feel that monochromatic color schemes are necessary to pull off simplistic looks. Fendi disagrees in very convincing fashion.

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