This is a young man from Stockholm, Sweden; there is a very playful and tongue-in-cheek way in which the Swedish approach their style. There is definitely a certain look that goes with Stockholm, but, what I love about Stockholm is the lack of pretentiousness that other cities approach fashion.

I’m sure if this was on some other blog or if New Yorkers or Parisians got their hands on this photo they would ask him why he was wearing the hat, how it didn’t match, asking what theme or what he was trying to go for.

Who gives a fuck?

This whole style thing is really more about having fun with it. I think a lot of people have lost sight of that, and since menswear is finally becoming something important to men, on a much greater scale, don’t you think we (as men) can learn from women and avoid a lot of the mistakes and baggage found in the daunting world of womens’ fashion? Or is fashion the same for both genders?

Or does this go beyond fashion? Do people just naturally try and dissect and criticize what is before them? Where does constructive criticism begin or end? How much of our personal style really reflects us and not just what we’re exposed to?

By: Osama Eisa


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