I Can Feel the Chest Hair Sprouting


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Like many Upstate New Yorkers, I have been bracing myself for the sub-zero weather that looms in the next few months. Having grown up here, I suffered through the Blizzard of ’94 when I could climb snow banks up to my roof and shivered during the Ice Storm of ’99 when there were icicles as big as my leg hanging like stalagmites from the neighbors’ gutters. Not to mention the memories of tundra-like bus stops, and the ever pleasant blue fingers and toes after coming in from sledding. Back then I was bundled up like a marshmallow, covered head to toe in quilted down. Moon Boots seemed to be the norm, and the brighter the colors the better. 

After doing a little growing up, I have come to terms with the fact that neon green may no longer be "my color for winter" and nylon isn’t a fabric that should be in my winter boot vocabulary. The resolution I have found to appease my freezing feet is the logger boot. These NO FRILLS, baby-stompers are all business. They take the age old work boot, and guess what… THEY CHANGE NOTHING. In a world where we are so focused on placing a fashionable "twist" on everything we wear, these unfettered traditional silhouettes stand out. Slip you feet in these and you will instantly feel more like a man (…just try your best not to clomp through the office on an eggnog high, wielding an ax and asking "WHERE’S MY BLUE OX?!?!").

*These are a selection from Redwing and Carolina

(special thanks to salesman David Panosian for convincing me to buy my pair) 

By: Eric White – Style


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