Last night my roomates and I are all watching TV when we here a sudden crash-thud-clank-crash. The fucking closet shelf and rack fell out of it’s mooring and his shit was everywhere. Sucks. But such is the unpredictability of life I guess, or such is the fate endured by college students living in shitty apartments everywhere (I won’t even get into the fallacies of our dishwasher). Most adolescents would live in a big enough cardboard box to have some independence and freedom from parents, but we usually opt for pre-fab panel sided apartment complexes close to campus. One hidden glitch in this new found self-emancipation is furniture. It costs money to get it, costs money to move it; unless your emancipation was along the lines of moving an hour from mom and dad’s house and taking that couch in the basement with you. My love for mod furniture has thus since been sparked, and I try to steer from the IKEA variety. Louwrien Kaptein has us in mind with his 90 Furniture.

picture-36 picture-37

picture-38 picture-39


By: Mikhail Budhai


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