Prada & LG


Everyone talks about the dominance of the iPhone, mostly because, well, it is dominant. There are several variations on the touch screen idea of the iPhone, and it seems that the Verizon answer, the Blackberry Storm, offers nothing to really lure iPhone users away.

LG and Prada have brought something that truly does compete with the iPhone. I prefer buttons to touch screens, but, that is not why the new LG/Prada phone will be competitive, it is really because of its concept: the watch and the phone work together.

Now, I am an ardent supporter of watches as critical pieces of design, engineering, and craftsmanship, but as people increasingly use their cell phone to tell time, LG/Prada offer a watch that allows the user to view text messages, incoming calls, and call data all while being discreet and not forcing you to rummage through your coat or bag to find your phone.

If anyone is to really beat the iPhone, then it has to be with ideas that truly set it apart. It seems companies are trying to offer iPhone substitutes, rather than something better.

Check the phone out here.

By: Osama Eisa


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