The Copenhagen Touch


I have to say that Copenhagen impresses me more and more every time I take a look around the place, it seems that places like Copenhagen, Antwerp, and other less famous European cities are truly pushing style in their own ways that really put into perspective the sort of narrow lens that we seem to view fashion over here.

I don’t think it is a question about whether we are daring or not, because that seems pretty obvious that we are, but, I think it is about what we feel is possible and how we seem to try and go to extremes as the only possible way to truly experiment. One can really try new things using far less divergent methods as this young man above illustrates. Nothing too crazy, but, daring in his usage of layers and his necklace is just bizarre (in a good way). Do we experiment in frankly immature ways? Or is by pushing the envelope like we do in the States, are we truly showing the limits? Does one need to challenge limits in order to truly express one’s self?

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