Gentle Balls


Klas Herbert Ernflo stowed away in Tim Gunns trunk on the way to that fabric store from Project Runway. Broke shins, pinched ears and made off with a shit load of, well… fabric. After carefully examining his exploits,  Klas had a novel idea. He decided he would take his new found wealth, and cover footballs with it. I wish that was the story. Klas is native Swedish but works from Barcelona, where his focus is generally graphic design, aside from a few forays into product design. His recently produced footballs, have no immediate practicality and are, as I said, novel but I’ll tell you what. I know if a leather ball caught you to the jaw it would sting way more than these, so save your children the pain.

46_taball 46_reball

46_bwball 46_miball

Mikhail Budhai


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