Style is a shape shifting hydra leviathan of a beast. It begs for definition but will never stand still long enough to allow you to. I found this street-style blog called fashionist whilst feeding my brain to the internet this after noon and came across this character Phillip. Yes, Phillip is indeed a character, by every definition of the term. This outfit on anyone else could easily be punishable by stoning, but for some reason you can’t even front, Phil is pretty damn fresh. Break the elements down; plaid, Gucci monogram, polka dots. Orange-brown-blue-purple. Try arranging them yourself and all that comes to mind is a crack head. But given the right, proportion, fit, and  add the confident, nonchalance  of an old guy, and what you get is style in its purest form. (I won’t even get into his tie)

Mikhail Budhai


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