Two Words That Went From Scare To Share

Boxed wine. Wait! Don’t skip ahead to the next article, you’re going to want to see this. Yes, I did indeed say the two words that seem to have become a mantra of bad quality in the wine world. Boxed wine has blown up across the world rather recently. A lot of wineries have come to recognize the bonuses of the box. Air sealed bags inside an inexpensive, effective, and eco-friendly package. Some are in boxes while others are in actual cartons. One boxed wine, well it’s actually in a carton, that has really caught my attention is French Rabbit. Google it or ask about it at your local liquor store. I have a feeling the person working at the liquor will not only know what you’re talking about but will know a good amount about it as well.

I came across this website that had an article about boxed wine. Here are some of the main pro’s to boxed wine that they touched on:

  • Box wine is inexpensive (around $20 for the equivalent of four bottles), and the quality has gotten much, much better over the years.
  • Boxes are lightweight, easier to transport, and greener than glass bottles, so when you’re serving in quantity, those numbers add up.
  • Box wines stay fresh for a month after opening because of the vacuum seal, unlike bottles, which should be refrigerated and drunk within 3 days if possible

Check out the website for the full article.

Also, this website has highlighted one of my new favorite boxed wines, simply and elegantly called Black Box, and touches on more of the “green” aspects of converting from bottle to box.

Ryan Evans


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