Fabien Baron Aviators


I have loved aviators, way before it became actually fashionable, well, fashionable again at least. Having an Egyptian father seems to make certain you will be exposed to an odd pair of glasses. When I first started wearing the now popular shades in 7th grade, I got more Top Gun references than a kid named “Maverick.”

These are a pair of Fabien Baron shades, a guy who designed magazines, furnitures, and even advertisements. He has turned to sun glasses and has launched his own brand, keeping the designs simple and classic, without looking retro. 

What I love most about these glasses is that they are logo-free, they are banking on great design and quality as what will push you into buying these glasses, rather than some need to show yet another way that you paid a lot of money for what you’re wearing. 

Osama Eisa


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  1. 1 retroho December 31, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    I love your blog! You may also like my retro inspired fashion blog, Retro Ho.



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