The Zegna Rain Jacket


Two days ago it was raining, but very cold, and while standing in line for some coffee some guy asked me “You’re one of those fashion guys, right?” I nodded and he then asked me “so my mom buys me this big coat, I’m from Florida, and its really nice,” [it was] “but it’s getting ruined by actually having this rain/sleet stuff all over it, what do I do?”

“I usually wear a rain coat,” I replied. Let me clarify, as I did for him, I wear a very insulated under-layer, that can be worn as a jacket on its own, on top of that, I wear my raincoat. I told him the only downside was that it got kind of bulky and annoying to take off and store between meetings and what not.

How does this connect to the Zegna Jacket above? It’s a rain jacket that you can actually wrap up and have a little bag instead of a cumbersome jacket on your arm or whatever. At $695, it might be a little pricey, but the convenience and ease in which you’ll be able to get between classes, meetings, or flights will be worth the extra you pay.

Check it out here.

Osama Eisa


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